Anvita Jain 

Identity for Selenghat Valley School, Assam, India (in-progress)

The school is part of Karunar Kheti Trust, a non-profit working in education and development with the rural farming communities of the tea and paddy fields in Selenghat. 

I've been volunteering as a graphic designer to develop an identity system for this non-profit school for children of farmers working on a tea estate in Selenghat, Assam. Essentially, its inspired from the local Assamese Gamocha (a red and white handwoven textile which is distinctive in its design language and quite reverential as an object of cultural significance for the people of Assam). This is a school 'for the people, by the people' so it was important that the people own the identity. We're working with the farmers directly to develop an identity system that has the power to start conversations and bring people together from the tea and paddy communities that have been separated through years of political struggle.